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The Onion on RadioShack

So true, especially the part about the “desperate, high-pressure sales staff.”


Queens Central update

I’ve been spending more or less all my free time working on Queens Central, the kickin’ new Central Queens community site that’s going to make Time Out New York sorry they called us hillbillies this week. It’s taking a while because building a new blog theme from the ground up and integrating it with a message-board system turns out to be kind of a big job. But I still think it might — might — be ready to go at some point this weekend. Don’t quote me on that.

In any event, this is shaping up to be fairly big. I think — I hope — you’ll like it. I seriously can’t wait to launch it. I expect a user base ready and willing to contribute no fewer than the 750 or so forum posts gets on any given day. Maybe I should open a hipster coffee house to promote it. The community site comes first, then the cafe, right?

Uninteresting innovation

Is it just me, or do all these hot new Web 2.0 firms seem really, well, boring? I don't want to use any of these sites. I've barely heard of any of them, either, and I'm generally pretty up on this stuff. Most of them are also nearly identical to sites or products that already exist. An unspectacular new feature or two does not a revolution make. Even in the case of something like Digg, our paths might — and do — cross here and there, but I'm not exactly rushing out to make it a daily visit.

I think "Web 2.0" can do better than this. Using my (nonexistent) local phone line to make cheap long-distance calls? C'mon.

Four months away for this?

I just put together a laudatory post about how I can't believe I haven't blogged for four months and how amazing the improvements have been since — then I hit "publish" and it completely disappeared. You can't have it all, I guess.

In that apparently lost post, I said that though I hadn't really caught the blog bug again, I'd caught maybe half a blog bug. It's definitely down to 35 or 40 percent now.

UPDATE: It didn't get lost. I was writing a page, not a post. Still a disconcerting experience, but I'm definitely up to about 45 now.

The unthinkable happens

From the FAQ blog:

Is everything being backed up?

Absolutely. If a very large meteor were to hit all of the servers and destroy them beyond repair, all of your data would still be safe and we could have your blog online within a couple of days. (After the meteor situation dies down.)

In the future you’ll also be able to download a personal XML backup of your data, but we don’t have a timeline on that quite yet.

Meanwhile, I logged on to the Backburner this morning to find all my posts from the weekend gone. When I logged in to the administration page, I saw a prominent red-boxed message up top that said something to this effect: “We had a major disk failure this morning and lost all the updates you may have made over the weekend. Sorry! You may be able to recover your posts through Google Blog Search or Feedster, but if you can’t, they’re gone for good.” They helpfully provided links to searches for Backburner content on Google and Feedster. The message is gone now, in its place something that implies the lost messages may be coming back eventually. We’ll see. I did manage to recover the old posts from Feedster — Google Blog Search didn’t have ’em — but I lost some improvements I made to my Bush post and any comments that used to be there.

Heh, I can hardly wait to see what the Flock Sucks guy has to say about all of this. All his posts are gone, too — he’ll probably interpret it as a plot against him.

UPDATE: Everything’s back now. The weekend posts on this page are the originals, not the recreated versions, which I’ve deleted. So I’ve got to give credit to the people, their initial panic and doomsaying aside. 

Don’t Flock it to him

I don’t agree with this guy on everything, but he’s still a laugh a minute. So angry! And so obsessive — he posts like 20 times a day! You know what that means: He must be in love with Flock.

You can never be the most obsessive

As you can see over on the Wedlog, I’m in love with my new Roomba — but perhaps not as much as this guy, who maintains an entire not-infrequently-updated blog about Roomba manufacturer iRobot‘s upcoming Scooba.