Call for photos

qc_small.gifI’m hard at work at the new Central Queens community site, which I can now officially tell the world will be located at (get it?), but I’ve got a little problem. I want a banner up top cycling through a few Central Queens photos, but it’s tough to find copyright-free pictures. In the past, I would have just stolen something, but though non-commercial, this is a little too big an undertaking for that. Plus what if I want to stick up a couple of Google text ads at some point?

I’ve taken a bunch of photos of Forest Hills myself, but I’m not a good photographer and I have nothing of Kew Gardens, Rego Park or Briarwood. So I’m turning to you, the Internet. Do you have any good photos of these neighborhoods, and will you grant me unconditional permission to use them in any way I see fit? Take one for the team, if you will? I can promise you will get attribution on the homepage whenever your photo appears, along with a link to whatever you want.

In related news, don’t buy web hosting without first googling for coupons. Seriously, at $48, that was easily the most valuable Google search I ever made.


3 responses to “Call for photos

  1. Feel free to use any of my Rego Park photos. I am planning to do a page on Kew Gardens soon for Forgotten NY as well and will pass those photos on to you, too.

  2. Check the Forest Hills flickr pool:

    Some of the photos are marked as some rights reserved via Creative Commons, meaning you can repurpose them as long as you attribute them to the photographer.

  3. Thanks a lot, Christina — I’ll definitely use a couple of those. Looking forward to that Kew Gardens page, too — I feel like I knew that was coming already.

    Dave, I’m actually an active participant in the FH Flickr group! (I’m “Stunning Steve.”) There are some great photographers there, but I discounted going there when I decided not to attribute anything (everything there seems to require attribution). Now that I’ve changed my mind on that, though, I don’t see why not. Anyway, it’s really the other, less-photographed neighborhoods that are more of a problem.

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