Can’t say I don’t have hobbies

Should I be a little embarrassed that I’m obsessed with German propaganda?

I like the Communist stuff as much as the Nazi stuff, if not more. As nefarious propaganda goes, it’s very accessible. It’s in the Latin alphabet in a language closely related to English, so you can kind of tell what’s going on, and it goes all the way up to 1989, making it so much less distant. As an American, it’s a lot easier to imagine yourself living in the GDR than in the Soviet Union. And I love their Orwellian attempts to seem warm and fuzzy and peace-loving.

Plus there’s the excellent site at Calvin College — I haven’t found a suitable equivalent for any other country’s propaganda (unless you count — hardy har har). The Calvin guy needs to update more, though. C’mon, I presume he’s getting paid for it!


3 responses to “Can’t say I don’t have hobbies

  1. Oh, I know it. Your art truly benefits from your obsession:

  2. You’ve had that for the last 10 years and I only just found out?!

  3. Well, your post tonight tickled the part of my brain that remembered recovering this off of a ZIP disk 5 years ago.

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