Flash: The Boulevard of Death lacks taste

I was excited when I saw the sign in the second-floor window of the gray, squat, hideous building across the street announcing the impending opening of a new music conservatory. Oh, good, I thought. That should add a little culture to this corner. So what did the music people do? They added a huge scrolling LED sign, displaying various wipe effects and phrases like “1 ON 1 PRIVATE LESSONS” and “FOR ALL AGES” in bold, pink capital letters. It’s visible at all hours from any window in my apartment.

The vinyl banner stretching across two windows looks pretty bad, too, but at least it looks fairly temporary.

Is it too much to ask to get some class around here?


2 responses to “Flash: The Boulevard of Death lacks taste

  1. Two out of three of their adult classes are “Fundamentals of Music for Adults” and “Family Music Making.” Quite the conservatory! Then again, I guess the Guitar Institute of Technology is technically a conservatory. You’d probably like that even less, as I’ve heard you could make a killing selling weed outside of one of those.

  2. In all fairness to them, it was just me who decided to call it a “conservatory.”

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