Hey, did you read about me in Time Out New York?

Melissa and I are featured in an article that comes out today about “undiscovered neighborhoods” in Queens. We hosted a writer from Time Out New York overnight a few weeks ago, showed him around, went out for dinner and drinks, generally evangelized the Hills like they deserve to be evangelized. A good time was had by all, I hope. I can’t wait to see it, and rest assured I’ll be violating the no-personal-websites rule at work in order to constantly reload their site, waiting desperately for the piece to appear, making the publishers untold hundreds of dollars in online ad revenue. I’m a journalism major, after all. Here’s why people go into journalism:

10%: To change the world and eliminate social injustice/liberal bias/”heterosexism”/”Islamofascism
90%: To see their name in print

They’re going to mention this blog, they say. Hope you’re not disappointed! This is, after all, the Backburner, and it’s the Backburner for a reason. What’s more, since the wedding, there’s no front burner right now, though I’m working on that.

Do continue to drop in, but also realize that I, like, have a job and stuff.


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