The Chicago trip

I’m heading off to Chicago tonight for my annual trip to B-Fest, the only annual event short of an action-figure convention where I can easily be among the coolest people in the room. I always look forward to Chicago, but what with my burgeoning obsession with up-and-coming neighborhoods, this year I’m going to spend some time in places I don’t normally visit.

The one I’m most eagerly anticipating is Wicker Park. When I graduated from Northwestern in 1999, Wicker Park was still kind of icky and dangerous. Its namesake green had a Panic in Needle Park-type repulation. Today it’s been almost five years since MTV plunked down seven misguided youths in a gutted Wicker Park loft, and the neighborhood’s reputation is understandably very different. I want to investigate whether that’s merited or not. And if it is, I definitely want to try and grab some hipster cupcakes–hipsters love cupcakes–while Melissa picks up a pair of faux-DIY earrings.

We’re staying with Larry V. in his posh new downtown high rise. Less trendy, more skyline views and marble lobby.


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