I’ll probably get sued for posting this, but …

… here it is, via hidden camera: the Scientology orientation video. Watch it now before it gets pulled down and Google gets forced out of business.

There’s a lot to love, but I think my favorite part is the auditing guy, who is extra sinister. I can’t believe they actually let him on camera.

You know something strange about this video in particular and Scientology in general? I’ve found that many religions, particularly fundamentalist sects of Christianity, kind of seem like they’re stuck in the 1950s–and I mean that as a matter of style, not philosophy. You know, ’50s fashion, speech, music, color schemes. Scientology seems like it’s stuck in 1982. Why would anybody get stuck in 1982?

If I had just one word to say about this video, it would be this: “Hmmm!”


27 responses to “I’ll probably get sued for posting this, but …

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