Dirty real-estate tricks

I’ve now noticed this enough while perusing real-estate listings that it qualifies as a trend.

Let’s say an apartment is located on A Street and 1st Avenue. (All street names purely fictional.) There’s a subway stop called “B Street,” but it’s located on B Street and 10th. So in order to get there from your A and 1st apartment, you would have to walk one block down to B, then turn and walk nine blocks to 10th. Inevitably, dishonest real-estate agents will advertise this apartment as one block from the subway, because it’s one block from the same street where the subway is, at some other point, located.

On a related note, my favorite Craigslist trick is sneaking the name of a more-desirable neighborhood into a listing so it shows up in the search results. You’ll be searching for apartments in Chelsea, and you’ll find an ad for a studio in the South Bronx that says, “We also have apartments in Chelsea!”


One response to “Dirty real-estate tricks

  1. You may want to check out HotPads.com… all listings are displayed on a map and all properties must have a valid, geocoded address in order to be displayed. They also display all the bus/rail/subway stops and outline the neighborhoods, so it doesn’t matter if they claim to have an apartment in Chelsea… you can see exactly where it is located. Huge help with thousands of listings in NYC

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