Queens supreme

If you can get past the silly and unnecessary basketball conceit, this New York Times article on Queens’ vaunted ethnic diversity is so good, it inspired me to break my lengthy blogging hiatus. I’ve lived in Queens for two years now, and I’m about to become a homeowner, which means I’ll be staying substantially longer. In that time, I’ve come to realize that diversity really is a big asset, and Queens really has become quite the fascinating and spectacular place. Like the article says, we don’t get any tourists, but we should. I would go so far as to argue that contrary to what you might expect, completely the opposite of what you think normally happens, being such an immigrant area has made Queens better in virtually every measurable way, from crime rates to dining options to property values.

Even people who live in Manhattan or Brooklyn never come out here. Seriously, do it! It’s really easy to get here.


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