Four months away for this?

I just put together a laudatory post about how I can't believe I haven't blogged for four months and how amazing the improvements have been since — then I hit "publish" and it completely disappeared. You can't have it all, I guess.

In that apparently lost post, I said that though I hadn't really caught the blog bug again, I'd caught maybe half a blog bug. It's definitely down to 35 or 40 percent now.

UPDATE: It didn't get lost. I was writing a page, not a post. Still a disconcerting experience, but I'm definitely up to about 45 now.


3 responses to “Four months away for this?

  1. I think that you should disregard any blog bugs and just change the banner at the top and the layout each week. And then each of your posts could be, “Hey, check it out – new layout!”

  2. Whoa, where’d you come from? Have you been checking every day since November?

  3. Like a Muslim praying to Mecca!

    Actually, I’m subscribed to your RSS feed, so Bloglines did all the checking for me.

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