If I’d voted

I didn’t vote yesterday because I wasn’t in New York, but for the record, I would’ve voted for Bloomberg. Really, it all comes down to his smoking-in-bars policy. When he first proposed it, the whole city was opposed to it, the nightlife associations were crying that it would put them out of business, and his approval ratings were in the 20s. Today you can barely find anyone who opposes it, and New York nightlife is more active than ever — not a single business has closed, or even suffered, because of it. People smoke outside, or they don’t smoke at all, and going out on the town is a more pleasant experience for most. It would have been very, very easy to have reneged on the idea when everybody started calling for his head — most politicians would have — but Bloomberg stuck to his guns and he turned out to be right. What more can you ask for in a mayor?

I decried Bloomberg four years ago as a crass opportunist with a colossal sense of entitlement. And maybe he still is — but he’s also proved he’s good for the city, and that’s what’s important.

I have become much more of a Democratic loyalist in recent years, but Bloomberg is a Democrat in all but name and would be one anywhere else in the country except, probably, San Francisco. It’s silly to vote for someone because of the name of the party.


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