Harriet Miers withdraws!

Wow, sucks to be you, Mr. President. Say, George, why did she bail?

“It is clear that senators would not be satisfied until they gained access to internal documents concerning advice provided during her tenure at the White House — disclosures that would undermine a president’s ability to receive candid counsel,? Bush said. “Harriet Miers’ decision demonstrates her deep respect for this essential aspect of the constitutional separation of powers — and confirms my deep respect and admiration for her.?

Heh, nice try. I guess Rove is off message duty now that he has bigger things to worry about.


2 responses to “Harriet Miers withdraws!

  1. I’m slightly disappointed because this means the end of her awesome blog.

  2. Heh, I was just checking that immediately before I read your comment. At least it’s still being updated for now. It’s probably got a good week or so left.

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