Finally, a spam-free wedlog

I’ve got brand-new spam-zapper Akismet installed over at the Wedlog, and man, does it work. I was getting dozens and dozens of spam comments per day over there, so many that I had to enable a whole bunch of restrictive anti-spam features that prevented even some real people from commenting. The other day, I even decided to foresake Gmail’s anti-deletion credo and delete all the “Please moderate” e-mails out of my archive because they and my guestbook spam were taking up half the space, making it hard to find real mail. But so far, completely independently of my existing rules, Akismet seems to have blocked every single spam comment while letting all legit ones through. Huzzah!

It’s from Matt Mullenweg, creator of WordPress itself — he quit his job recently, and this certainly seems to be his first explicitly commercial venture. I get a little freaked out when things get commercial, and it certainly is foreboding that you have to be signed up at to use it — registration shouldn’t technically be necessary. But it’s free for me because I don’t make $500 a month on my blog, so for now, at least, I’m spam-free.

Of course, spammers haven’t had a chance to figure it out yet. But I’ll take what I can get. 


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