Too Late With Adam Carolla

Watching this train wreck of a late-night show on Comedy Central, two things come to mind:

1. A lousy stand-up comic completely bombing on stage at a second-rate club as two or three people titter embarrassingly in the audience. (Hey, I’ve been there.)

2. The Magic Hour.

Seriously, it’s just that bad, and in just the same way. How long before Comedy Central pulls the plug? I give it a couple of weeks. Nobody can possibly be watching this. Plus I think it’s been on for upwards of a month — these aborted non-jokes might be acceptable from a novice host in the first week of a new show, but Carolla’s grace period has long ended.

What Carolla needs to learn — and maybe he would, given some time he obviously doesn’t have — is that jokes have to be jokes. They can’t just be observations delivered in an incredulous tone.

This guy definitely needs a more-talented co-host to carry him. Unfortunately for viewers of this episode, Jackass’ Steve-O is not it.


9 responses to “Too Late With Adam Carolla

  1. I like Adam Carolla. He needs to stick to the radio, though. He’s awful on TV.

  2. I’ve liked Carolla in certain environments in the past — on Crank Yankers, for instance, where, perhaps not coincidentally, you can’t see him. But I’ve never seen him this bad. It seems like he’s never even done TV before.

  3. He is perhaps the one man that is less entertaining than Jimmy Kimmel.

  4. Kimmel was great on Win Ben Stein’s Money! Plus he earns points for dating Sarah Silverman.

  5. I kept hoping Ben Stein would clock Kimmel during the show. I know he was there for balance but diluting the Ben Steinness was pointless.

    What has Sarah Silverman ever been funny in? Terrible in stand up, terrible on SNL, annoying on talk shows, insignificant in movies. She’s like an edgy Steve Gutenberg.

  6. Kimmel was there because somebody had to host while Ben was playing, remember?

    I barely remember Silverman on SNL and fully acknowledge she’s insignificant in movies (she was easily the most inert thing in School of Rock), but I always like her on talk shows and I think her stand-up is some of the best out there today, seriously. Check her out in The Aristocrats — she’s terrific. She doesn’t even really tell the joke– mostly just talks about Joe Franklin.

  7. Ohh, yeah.

    I just saw the preview for her stand-up movie, and it looks like her straining to offend, much like Family Guy, which also tries too hard. And people who don’t understand why it’s offensive for white people to say ‘nigger’ even though black people do are exasperating idiots.

  8. See, I agree that Family Guy tries too hard, but I think Silverman offends pretty effortlessly. She seems so natural! The preview for her movie made me want to go see it, possibly in the theater. I do, of course, understand why it’s not OK for her to say “nigger,” but I guess the joke is that it’s not OK.

  9. In the bit, she seems to imply that it’s annoying that she doesn’t get to say it.

    Well, I guess we’ll just have to agree to agree that I think she should be destroyed.

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