What’s the problem with iPods?

Here’s the problem with iPods. There’s a 4 GB nano, right? Well, that’s not enough space to store all of my music. Meanwhile, the smallest full-size iPod model, as of yesterday, is 30 GB, which is way more than I need. My old-school 10 GB, which died recently, was perfect. Isn’t the iPod no man’s land between 4 and 30 GB a little too large? Surely I can’t be the only one who would be willing to pay two-thirds of the price for one-third of the storage space. I think it’s great that Apple is innovating, but the sad truth is that I am never, ever going to watch video on my iPod. Basically, they’re forcing me to spend $300 for features I don’t want or need.

In any event, my dad has given me his used Creative Zen (20 GB — still more than I need, but closer), so my iPod days appear to be over for now. I still covet that nano, though. How ’bout this: If I get one, I’ll sacrifice some of my EBN-OZN collection.


2 responses to “What’s the problem with iPods?

  1. By the time you need an iPod again, the Nano probably will be 10 GB.

  2. Oh, yeah, that’s a good point. Still, the 10 GB nano might hover somewhere around $300 itself. I don’t like how they’re more expensive because they’re smaller. Frankly, as long as I can fit it in my pocket, I don’t care how small it is.

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