Pat Tillman: commie

Hey, remember Pat Tillman, the millionaire NFL player who quit to join the Army after Sept. 11 and became a Republican martyr after getting killed in Afghanistan? Turns out he was a left-winger who loved Noam Chomsky and thought the war in Iraq was “fucking illegal.” Upon hearing about this, No. 1 Tillman fan Ann Coulter’s head exploded. She’s still in denial (“I don’t believe it!”), but once she inevitably reaches the stage of acceptance, expect her to find multiple creative ways to call him a traitor. Also expect her not to get in any trouble whatsoever for bashing him, unlike Ted Rall, who must feel pretty stupid right now.


One response to “Pat Tillman: commie

  1. Whoa! I can’t wait until she writes a whole column about it.

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