It’s cold out there every day

I’m sad to say that cable has ruined an excellent movie for me: Groundhog Day. I used to watch Groundhog Day every time I saw it on. Because it’s always on, I watched it again and again and again, which started to feel much like a certain movie that escapes me right now. Now it’s gotten to the point that every time I flip through the channels and see Groundhog Day — which is every time — I get a little disgusted, like the kid whose father locked him in the closet with a box of cigars. Does it really have to be on all the time?

A bold statement: I believe that Groundhog Day is, hands down, the most-aired movie on television. I wonder if there’s a way I could get to the bottom of this.


One response to “It’s cold out there every day

  1. I think it’s probably Braveheart. It showed every day for 3-5 years on USA.

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