That smarts

I was actually pretty sad to hear that Don Adams died, significantly more so than I would have thought if you’d asked me last week, “How would you feel if you heard Don Adams died?” And sadder still, he’s not going to live to see next year’s Get Smart revival, with the almighty Steve Carell in the big-screen version. “Missed it by that much,” you might say.


2 responses to “That smarts

  1. I know what you mean. I’m surprised that I’m upset by this, too. I really enjoyed that show when I was little. (And the few episodes I’ve ever seen of Inspector Gadget were just animated versions of the same bumbling agent.)

    At least Carell is likely to do an AMAZING job as 86. He already did Paul Lynde earlier this year, so why not Don Adams? Seems like a good progression.

  2. Did you see him as Lynde? How was he?

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