Everything bad is good again

According to the esteemed New York Post (BugMeNot required), “Kate Moss’ career [is] in meltdown” after her admission that she uses cocaine and her subsequent firings from all her modeling jobs.

Coming from such a respected gossip rag, this seems a more than a little naive to me. Kate Moss’ association with cocaine is clearly the best thing ever to happen to her career — just like all bad things are the best thing to happen to anyone’s career nowadays. Just a few minutes ago, I was reading a New York Times article about Martha Stewart (BugMeNot required again) and how she’s “seamlessly … woven a felony conviction and incarceration into the Martha Stewart brand.”

How soon we forget. Paris Hilton before sex tape: super-rich nobody. Paris Hilton after sex tape: gigantic media star.

Kate Moss the cokehead is more marketable than Kate Moss the anorexic, which was good for a while but was getting really old. She needed something to freshen up her image. This cocaine thing is a terrific break for her, and keeps her thin besides. The best news of all is that the British authorities are investigating. If I were her, I’d be hoping for some serious jail time.


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